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WEEKEND WATCH – The high cost of cheap fashion

June 17, 2016

For a conscious start to your weekend we wanted to share our weekend watch, and one of our favourite conscious clips , with you.  “The high cost of our cheap fashion”  is the title of Maxine Bédat’s Ted talk about the negative impact cheap fashion has on the environment and human rights. It’s also about taking back the power of your wardrobe and 18 minutes you won’t regret spending.

Hopefully this talk will inspire to a more conscious and mindful consumption because what we need is not more cheap clothes that we wear thrice and then let lay in the back of the closet until we throw them away. What we need are instead quality garments that have been produced with integrity to both humans and the earth and that are equally stylish as they are timeless.

Now we’re off to start a great weekend filled with recuperation and mindfulness (and a few treats nom!), hope you are too!

Did you learn anything new from this week’s weekend watch? 

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