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Sustainable Travel in Style @Lama di Luna Biomasseria

September 19, 2016

Experience Italian agriturismo in the countryside of Puglia and how to do sustainable travel in style? Come follow us this way..


Lama di Luna Biomasseria

Agriturismo in PugliaAn Italian masseria is a fortified farm house, often situated in scenic countryside, nowadays offering lodging ranging from spartan to luxurious experiences. We visited Lama di Luna, in the south east region of Puglia, a biomasseria which means it focuses on a sustainable travel experience. They also produce organic olives, almonds, grapes (for wine!) which can be enjoyed in a serene accommodation and one of a kind restaurant.

After a confused start to our journey there and a quick phone call to Lama di Luna for correct directions (as there is no actual address that works in the GPS..) and a 30 min drive out on the Italian countryside we finally pulled up to one of the most scenic lanscapes. There, at Lama di Luna Biomasseria, were we warmly greeted by the owner, Pietro and the chef, Vincenzo. Despite arriving too early for check-in, Vincenzo showed us our room located in the middle of the calming courtyard. We then began our Italian agriturismo experience.

Lama di Luna Biomasseria, Sustainable travel

Lama di Luna Biomasseria


  The (Local, Organic and Delicious) Food

At Lama di Luna food is not about a wide range of choices, but rather about quality and the use of local flavours and ingredients. Every day the kitchen prepares what is fresh according to season and does so in the most mouthwatering way at each meal. With pre-set menus served on set times throughout the day, the one decision left to be made is simply what to put on before walking down a little pathway to the restaurant, which btw, has the most stunning view. Each meal of each day reveals another “Apulian” culinary experience, with each dish usually described in detail by the chef, an startling experience for any “farm-to-table” foodie!

Using locally grown organic produce, it is the simplicity of the ingredients that shine through in each dish. For instance each dinner consists out of four dishes, giving plenty of opportunity to explore the local palates served such as pasta orchiette, Apulian Calzone, (farmgrown) almond cake and the freshest meat and seafood. (One can of course choose a vegetarian menu or no meat if that’s preferred).


The most amazing lunch.. Tortellini filled with potato and ricotta, and topped with aubergine, prawn.

Restaurant at Lama di Luna Biomasseria, Sustainable Travel

Restaurant at Lama di Luna Biomasseria


The Setting

Lama di Luna is an oasis where we  were able to escaped everyday life. With limited wi-fi only available in public areas, a cosy and well-decorated library, a home cinema for rainy days and a stunning pool overlooking the vineyard, this is the perfect for the lonely traveller, the couple or the family looking for some time away from reality to recuperate and to enjoy life to the fullest. In many way it’s the simplicity that makes Lama di Luna so magical, from feng-shui inspired accomodation, to the purity of the food and finally to the genuine service offered, because the warm and thoughtful staff are truly something that adds to the full experience.

If you are looking for more activities, go for a run on the almond and olive tree grounds, organise a yoga lesson or massage, take your car to neighbouring cities or explore their selection of movies in the cinema room!

Why Sustainable Travel through Agriturismo?

Agriturismo is the Italian word for combining tourism and agriculture and it’s been on the rise the last couple of years as it allows travelers to connect to a place by eating local food and enjoying the surroundings. Sustainable travel is really the mixture between old traditions in innovative ways.

The Where

Roughly one hour from Bari Airport in Puglia, Italy.

Sustainable Travel, BYEM

BYEM at Lama di Luna


Have you ever tried agriturismo or farm living? 

If so, do you have any hidden gems to recommend? We loved the experience.

Share with us in the comments below? 

Sustainable Travel in Style @Lama di Luna Biomasseria
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Sustainable Travel in Style @Lama di Luna Biomasseria
Experience Italian agriturismo in the countryside of Puglia and how to do sustainable travel in style? Come follow us this way..
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