August 12, 2016

People are spending more time working and less time enjoying their time off. But what if you could have both? As time spent working becomes increasingly more intertwined with one’s personal life, it’s important to learn how to prepare for such a commingled lifestyle, particularly when traveling! Thus, let’s learn how to pack for the bleisure trip trend (p.s. it benefits your work/life balance!).

BYEM Bleisure trip in Porto

BYEM Bleisure trip in Porto

Do you feel like taking a bleisure trip? Well first, let’s find out what a bleisure trip actually is. A ‘bleisure’ trip is the combination of business and leisure travel. In other words, a trip in which you’d add a few days off to experience the city where your employer needs you. After all, of you have the opportunity to discover a new city while enhancing your company’s business, you can derive at a win-win situation for all parties. For the full experience, add 2-3 days of vacation to your business trip or if your meeting is on a Friday- stay the full weekend!

So let’s get down to business and discuss how you actually pack for a bleisure trip to ensure you have outfits to keep you chic from work to drinks. Here are our 3 best tips for you!

  1. Multifunctional bleisure outfits

To pack one bag for two different occasions is almost as difficult as making sure one bag fits two seasons, so ensure that what you pack is multifunctional. If travelling somewhere warm, pack dresses that can be worn when discovering the city but fit equally well under a blazer during meetings. When travelling to cooler areas of the world, make sure to pack a simple, yet sophisticated -and recycled- cashmere sweater to wear with jeans when sipping hot cocoa with a friend or with a pencil skirt when discussing business. Also, try to pack different materials and textures to add a bit of intrigue and flair to every outfit.

The important thing here is evaluating your closet to see what would fit during the day and night time to provide you with enough options for both.

  1. Eclectic accessories

When bag space is limited, what is the best way to add personal style to an otherwise quite basic outfit? Accessories! Anything from a fun pair of oversized earrings, statement heels or a phenomenal clutch to add colour and variety to your style. Doing so will make wearing the pencil skirt from your meeting an excellent dinner date outfit when paired with a simple white tee, big earrings and a colourful clutch!

  1. Don’t forget the basics

Last but definitely not least, don’t forget to pack the basics! This includes everything from your beauty bag to actual office wear so you can suit up if needed. Additionally, don’t forget shoes that fit your work ensemble.

For more effective packing, pack basics that you feel casually chic in and that you wouldn’t mind reusing and mixing up with the more fun part of your bag when strolling through museums or savouring the local food.

Vintage details, white shirt and jeans..

Vintage details, white shirt and jeans..

BYEM for your bleisure trips

At BYEM we believe in garments that work as well at work as they do during your precious time off so we are especially passionate to soon launch our first sustainable capsule collection that will fit your bleisure trip perfectly.

(P.S. it’s produced in a limited quantity so we recommend signing up to our newsletter at BYEM.com to not miss out!)


What would you make sure to pack for a bleisure trip? 

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