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How To Deal With The Dreaded “New Season, New Wardrobe Stress”?

March 8, 2017

My mind wanders as my eyes search for the ‘perfect outfit’ in the giant wardrobe infront of me, but somehow after 20 minutes of trying on what feels like every single piece in there – my mind is still stuck on the new spring collections I just browsed through on Instagram which have made most, if not all, of my clothes feel quite dull.. 

Anyone else recognises this phenomena? We could simply call it “New Season, New Wardrobe Stress”. The truth is, it’s difficult to stay uninfluenced by trends and to not get caught up scrolling up and down Instagram (or the media of your choice), where new trends flash infront of your eyes each second.  This isn’t helped by fast fashion brands that launch new trends on the daily to keep up with the demand from customers who want what they saw 10 minutes ago on a blogger now, preferably a minute ago.

It’s simply hard to avoid getting caught up in the fashion rollercoaster of this century and the constant desire to revive our wardrobes. But how can we stop this mental wardrobe stress that’s always especially tenacious around the change of seasons and combat our cravings? Below you’ll find our 3 best tips on how to deal with wardrobe stress, all in true slow fashion style.

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Stop and Take a Moment

Stay True To Your Style

What are the pieces that you constantly reach for when you open your closet doors? Think about those, the saviours in your wardrobe that you reach for whenever all you want is to look and feel great with no effort. Are those usually the pieces that are seasonally trendy or are they pieces that are true to your personal style? For most of us, the answer would probably be that they are the more classic pieces we have (that doesn’t have to mean boring btw!), pieces that can transition through the seasons with us- whether it be your favourite pair of black jeans, the white tee that goes with everything or that jacket you’ve been wearing for the past five autumns.

So when you’re out and about and find a garment you like, consider whether it would pass as one of the pieces you would reach for on the daily or if it would end up in the back of your wardrobe within no time.


Embrace Personal Flair Over Fads

With personal style in mind, just because you have decided to stick with it, that doesn’t mean that your look has to be all black and white with no sense of personality. Some pieces in your wardrobe are meant to sparkle a bit extra and might not be appropriate for everyday wear, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth keeping around in the long run – they’ll add a lot of fun to every outfit you base it on.

Because truly, isn’t a simple outfit almost always made perfect with an item that stands out a bit and that screams “ME”?

“Some pieces in your wardrobe are meant to sparkle a bit extra and might not be appropriate for everyday wear,”


Remember The Bigger Picture In Avoiding Wardrobe Stress

When it comes to wardrobe stress and avoiding succumbing to the incessant need to buy more, the immediate satisfaction we get has gotten more important than the issues that are hiding behind it. Issues of environmental and human suffering in the fashion industry are often overlooked when we run our eyes over hundreds clothing rails- overburdened with impressions. If instead, we take the time (and effort) to take a step back and review the environmental and human ethics of the brand it will also give us the time to make a conscious decision to add that garment to our wardrobe, increasing the chance of it becoming our long-term wardrobe saviour – in turn leading to a low PPW (Price Per Wear). What’s not to like about that?


Do you also feel the stress to freshen up your wardrobe around the change of seasons? 

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