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Conscious Living at Epitome of Now

April 5, 2016

Welcome to ‘Epitome of Now,’ a conscious journal to bring you on a journey through the world of style, wellness, travel and aspirations from Scandinavia. 


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We are all affected by the rapidly evolving world we live in. What is “modern” now will go out of style in a moment and “that place” that everyone is raving about will quickly seem like it was trendy a decade ago. The ever evolving sense of ‘what is stylish now’ can indeed prove to be difficult to keep up with. Our pursuit to keep pace with the huge amount of trends may cause us to consume more and ultimately drain the earth’s resources as well as our own. So the question is: how do we keep up with endless changes in fashion and the world while being conscientious of what’s around us? At Epitome of Now, we want to shed light on timeless consciousness, combining timeless fashion, our favorite gems, and wellness with a sense of eco-friendly mindset in everything we curate to make your world more timeless, and purposeful.



We want to bring you closer to our philosophy: that conscious living makes it easier to appreciate what is around you which will, in turn, enhance the well-being of both yourself and your surroundings. Acting and consuming consciously involves everything from your day-to-day fashion choices, where and what you eat and how you travel. It is about how you treat your body and your mind.

So instead of highlighting fast-fashion trends, we believe that slow-fashion is a new way forward. Instead of highlighting the hundreds of “new” things to do we believe in pointing out the hidden gems. Instead of living a life where every moment passes by you, we believe in taking the time to appreciate what may be directly under your feet and recognizing the epitome of now.

WHY EPITOME OF NOW (and what does it mean?)

Why the name you might ask? Well, epitome is defined as ‘a perfect example’. So, epitome of now really means ‘a perfect example of now’. We believe that it is vital to take moments to appreciate the “now” and to explore what matters to you. The name also represents our desire to curate content that you are able to come back to in a year or two and still feel are just as informative, that the places we recommended are still just as breath-taking (if not better!) and that the products we featured are just as great.

Flowers, white, nature

Conscious living


Epitome of Now is brought to you by the team behind BYEM, a Scandinavian brand created for the modern woman. Understanding how living a busy life where meetings are followed by power lunches and dinner dates requires a wardrobe that’s as flexible as you are. BYEM brings timeless pieces rooted in style, quality, and ethical values.

OUR NEXT CONSCIOUS MOVE (hint, it starts in Copenhagen)

So to start this journey off, we’ll share our little gems in Copenhagen as well as what you need to know about Slow Fashion and how to pack for a bleisure trip (combining business with pleasure).

So to follow our conscious journey, follow us on social media or subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date with our monthly newsletter (don’t worry, we aren’t planning on spamming your inbox!). Be well and talk to you soon!


In the meantime, what does living a conscious life mean to you?


Conscious Living at Epitome of Now
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Conscious Living at Epitome of Now
At Epitome of Now, we want to shed light on timeless consciousness, combining timeless fashion, our favourite gems and wellness with a sense of eco-friendly mindset in everything we curate to make your world more timeless, and purposeful.
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Eva July 5, 2016 at 7:51 pm

Beautiful Image. Lovely blog posts. Best of luck! Can’t wait to see what your shop brings…
Eva – http://www.mean-blog.com

admin July 6, 2016 at 9:46 pm

Thank you so Eva – we are soon releasing a little sneak peek of our first capsule collection so you can have a look! x


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