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Our Conscious Click Gems from Last Week

September 27, 2016

On fast fashion and how it influenced Model4GreenLiving to go slower, some sustainability world warriors, greenery to help you breathe and a eco-friendlier sleep in our conscious click gems from last week. 

Averie Woodard / conscious click gems

Eco-Friendly Skincare

The beauty and hygiene industry is probably more prone to greenwashing than any other industry. But first: what is greenwashing? Essentially, it’s when a company markets itself as “eco” or “green,” but really isn’t.” Don’t overflow your bathroom shelves with an abundance of products with ingredients lists that you can’t pronounce and slowly implement a Eco-Friendly Skincare Regimen. For a great looking skin and a happier environment.

Model4greenliving- Renee Peters

Model4greenliving- Renee Peters

“I was unsure about who I was, and fast fashion only perpetuated that confusion.” We loved reading Renee Peters, or Model4GreenLiving as we know her, reflections on the effect fast fashion has had on her mindset and how she decided to choose a greener path forward. She says that giving up fast fashion was one of the best decision she has made and in her post she explains just how.



Do you have houseplants in every open spot of your home? If so, good on you! We found out that there are five specific reasons that houseplants make you healthier (and happier?). Find out more of the positive impact that greenery has on humans and inspire yourself to add more greenery to your life by reading this.

SustainablyChic - Eco-Friendly Bedroom

SustainablyChic – Eco-Friendly Bedroom

How do you achieve a sustainable slumber? SustainablyChic gives us excellent tips on how to turn your bedroom into the environmentally and people friendly room it should be. Wouldn’t that be great?



Our conscious click gems is an assortment of some our favourite clicks from last week. Let us know what your favourite conscious click gem is and we might share your post!

What click did you enjoy the most? 

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