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Want to learn more about greenwashing?

January 11, 2017


 “Analyse how the company acts as a whole; do they have any certifications to prove what they are claiming and are they transparent in the way they act?”

“Over the recent years, we as consumers have become aware of the impact chemicals have on the environment and our bodies more than ever before. As it follows, more and more companies are offering environmentally friendlier, greener and cleaner options to ease the concerns of their customers. This is visible when you’re scanning through the cosmetics department, browsing for clothes, or simply touring the supermarket aisles; words, such as ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ are popping up anywhere and everywhere more frequently than ever. So how could it spell trouble for consumers to be aware of the impact their purchases have on their surroundings and themselves? Truth be told, there is none! Instead, what’s damaging is that many companies are trying to exploit this newfound interest in sustainable products by “greenwashing” their advertisements and product offering. ”

→ Want to understand the concept of greenwashing, how it’s present in our lives and what we as consumers can do to combat it? Pop on over to Savant Magazine where our founder shared on her views on the topic (Article link: Natural & Organic — Or Is It All a Marketing Ploy?)

At Epitome of Now and BYEM, Scandinavian Slow Fashion, we believe that one of the best ways to combat greenwashing is radical honesty. This means that brands should open up and be transparent about how their garments are made, both from a sustainability and an ethics standpoint. As consumers, we should also be demanding to know more about the heritage of the garments we wear and the products we use.

How does greenwashing make you feel and what are your best tips on how to combat it? 



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